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managed software service for life insurers

Engineered and designed for unparalleled productivity

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Bioggio-Lugano Headquarter

What is Lifeware

A complete, fully integrated, web based solution for the management of life insurance products: this is Lifeware software service.

Lifeware was founded in 1998 in Switzerland, when a leading group of mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists decided to combine their expertise and innovative thinking about the life insurance business into their own company.

Today Lifeware can count on 15 customers that successfully run their businesses on its highly innovative, finely crafted solution. A software service that drives unparalleled productivity.

Our Service

Lifeware's mission is to build and provide the most innovative, sophisticated yet simple software service for managing life insurance businesses for innovative and dynamic life insurance companies, worldwide. The team behind the software services shares a few basic but utterly important beliefs about methodology and approach to software projects:

– Product development

– Product management

– Risk analysis

– Time base simulations

– Policy life cycle management

– Asset management

– Payment traffic management

– Reporting

– Finance and accounting

– Document management

– Compliance and legal

– Regulatory and tax reporting

– Multicurrency, multi language

– Claims management

– KYC, AML etc

– Multi channel

– Underwriting process

– Reinsurance reporting

– API integration

– Business analytics in conjunction with Galytix

— Service

Why are we different?

Our operational risk are low and optimal. The wide spectrum of competences owned by the Lifeware team, ranging from design and development of life-insurance products to their day-to-day management, brought them to develop an innovative business approach and a completely new and unique set of software tools for the life insurance sector. Lifeware's service is key to significant cost reduction. It gives Lifeware's clients a competitive market advantage and new scope in the relationship with their customers.

Operational risks

We mitigate opertional risks by applying the best practice and best endeavours and our deep know how

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Simple migration

We import our customers legacy systems in Lifeware

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We handle everything

Say it once only once

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  • — Headquarter

    Salita ai Ronchi 3,
    6934 Lugano-Bioggio, Switzerland
    maps >
    +41 (0) 91 611 17 30

  • Zürich

    Asylstrasse 112,
    8032 Zürich, Switzerland
    maps >
    +41 (0) 44 380 57 75

  • Luxembourg

    37, Boulevard Joseph II
    1840 Luxembourg

    +352 27 40 57 80

  • Barcelona

    World Trade Center, Muelle de Barcelona,
    Edificio Sur, 2ª planta,
    08039 Barcelona, Spain
    maps >

  • Hamburg

    Falkenried 88,
    20251 Hamburg, Germany
    maps >

    +49 (0) 40 460 69 298

  • Italia

    Via Pillhof 105,
    39057 Appiano sulla strada del vino, Italy

    +41 (0) 91 611 17 30

  • India

    Main Rd, South Phase,
    Sathya Nagar, Gandhi Nagar
    Chennai - Tamil Nadu 600032 - India
    maps >
    +91 444 004 06 16

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