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Lifeware was started in 1998 in Switzerland, when a leading group of mathematicians and computer scientists, until then at the head of Credit Suisse Life's developers' team, decided to go their own way and bring their expertise and innovative thinking about the life insurance business into their own company.

Their decision was driven by a growing awareness that the new technologies and the development of the Internet would have a dramatic impact on the future of the life insurance industry. Innovative products at lower prices, available over new distribution channels, would open whole new landscape of activities, with far-reaching consequences in the insurance business.

The wide spectrum of competences owned by the Lifeware team, ranging from design and development of life-insurance products to their day-to-day management, brought them to develop an innovative business approach and a completely new and unique set of software tools for the life insurance sector.

Lifeware's service is key to significant cost reduction. It gives Lifeware's clients a competitive market advantage and new scope in the relationship with their customers.

Among the early investors in Lifeware, a significant role was played by the Prisma Group

Fabio Doninelli is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lifeware.

Massimo Arnoldi is the company's Chief Executive Officer.

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