Customer: Helvetia

Helvetia Patria is an internationally active insurance group which focuses its activities, through its regional organisations and subsidiaries, on three core markets (Switzerland, Germany and Austria), two developing markets (Italy and Spain) and the two specialist markets of marine insurance (France) and assumed reinsurance (worldwide). Helvetia Insurances in Frankfurt has been active in the German market for over 160 years as all-round insurance company.
It has about 830 employees. Helvetia's products and services provide private customers with an integrated approach to all their insurance needs, such as property, wealth and private pension planning. helvetia-e.com is a young and innovative subsidiary of the Helvetia Insurances, offering a compelling online life insurance service.

The customer requirement
The customer's requirement was to implement as soon as possible 2 flexible unit linked products. The key objective was to move most of the processes, in an integrated way, towards the front of the business process, allowing brokers to make changes and mutations directly, reducing lead time dramatically, and removing significant load from the back-office.

The implemented solution
The first 2 products went life the 1st of September 2001 after 5 months of development. Six month later the implemented product were 6 called: - Individuelle Fonds - Gemanagte Fonds - CHF Fonds - Rente Kapitalisierend - Rente mit Beitragsrückgewehr - Fonds & Rente Kapitalisierend
At the end of 2002 Helvetia decided to change the implemented products and to introduce a new product line. The 1.1.2003 began the project to introduce 4 new products called CleVesto (CleVesto Life; CleVesto Retire; CleVesto Allcase ; Clevesto Trio). At the beginning of June 2003, Helvetia was able to sell and to introduce in the Lifeware Management System the first application and to generate the first insurance contract.

The solutions strengths
It is the first time that a big organisation like Helvetia Patria allows its broker to make some technical mutation. The process was shifted towards the front and the workload in the central unit significantly decreased.

Customer: Helvetia

Since: 2001

Policies: Over 60'000
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