FAQ: 2.1 Technical architecture
What is the IT infrastructure?
  • Sun Enterprise Server with up to 32GB RAM
  • Dell Enterprise Servers with up to 256GB RAM multi core processors
Database Gemstone/S
  • Scalable, well known for complex business logic applications (Union Bank of Switzerland, Swiss National Bank, Daimler Chrysler, etc.; see references)
  • Runs on all known servers (UNIX, NT)
  • Maximal database size 2 Terabytes
  • 7 Days x 24 Hours
  • On line Backups
  • On line data migration
  • Rollback to any time possible
  • Active database
  • The database contains data and behavior
  • Every operation and query can be processed on the server or on the client (thus making it extremely easy to tune the performance)
  • Lifeware has worked with Gemstone since 1998
  • For more information: www.gemstone.com
Outline very briefly your overall technical strategy for the next 3-5 years.
Full object oriented development
  • Reuse of our business object application framework
  • Biological development with daily updates of the production
Application server
  • Hardware independence
  • N-location distribution
  • Up to the minute software integrations
  • Full use of multi core architectures to dramatically improve performance
  • Full exploitation of standard features for web browsers
  • Smartphones support
  • Intelligent form recognition
  • Mass printing and delivery support
How is your approach to security, back up and emergency handling?
Web server feature
  • Kerberos authentication system
  • On line bckups
  • Rollback to any time possible
  • Remote administration available
  • Automatic recovery and restart

Database Gemstone/S features

  • Kerberos authentication system
  • On line backups
  • Rollback to any time possible
  • Remote administration available
  • Automatic recovery and restart
Is the system modular, easy and intuitive to use?
Yes, the software is built on standard building blocks. These elements are combined depending on the customer’s requirement. This makes the software very user friendly
Which batch processes are there?
  • Daily: Premium collector and premium payment buy and sell, funds price actualization, alerter, dynamic.
  • Weekly: commissions, statistics, broken contracts
  • Monthly: balance, reinsurance, statistics.
How long do the batches take?
How is the on-line availability?
8:00-20:00 guaranteed, but the system is normally available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
How strongly is the system’s architecture dependent on the tools?
Completely independent.
Which database does system use? Is it exchangeable?
The system uses a database called Gemstone/S. The database is not exchangeable!
Is the system multi-client compatible?
Yes, the infrastructure handles customers work with a distribution net of more than 20'000 potential users.
Is it possible to interrupt a process and then restart it again?
Yes, the system is built so that the user can stop his job e.g. in the evening and restart it two days later. If the user forgets to close the process or the tasks, the system sends a warning by E-Mail to the user.
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