FAQ: 2.4 General Questions
Is it possible to customize the system in an easy and efficient way?
Yes, customization is easy because the software is built on standard building blocks.
What are typical maintenance activities?
Processes optimization, new rule definitions, new business processes, etc.
In which area does the greatest number of changes take place?
In process optimization.
How high are the average yearly maintenance expenses?
It is not easy to answer this question because the maintenance expenses depend on the customer’s requirements. However, the total maintenance amount is included in the yearly pay per use costs.
Do you have overview documentation?
Yes. Lifeware provides a large number of documents that explain the base system functionalities. Lifeware’s Management System is not delivered with a user manual because the system, the products and the products’ processes are self-explanatory. Naturally the system contains:
  • Online help
  • Online suggestion
  • Specific help for difficult-to-interpret fields
  • Plausibility checks to avoid stupid computation errors.
These features make the user’s manual superfluous. With online user documentation there is no risk that the documentation becomes obsolete. In fact, the online documentation is updated every time that the system is updated.
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