FAQ: 3.2 Security Management and Project Management
Which structural and organizational steps are taken in order to prevent unwarranted access to the data?
The entire server environment is located in the server areas of the Verizon and Interxion providers. The areas are protected from fire, water, forbidden access, and power interruption (UPS). The rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems and ventilation systems to preserve the servers in the best conditions. The data are protected via Checkpoint's firewalls. The entire Security is administered by the company Anyweb, a specialist in the area of internet Security (www.anyweb.ch) The customer access to the Web application is completely protected because the transmission of the data, including the login, happens via Ssl (secure https protocol). The transmission of the data between Lifeware’s servers and the customer takes place via Secure Shell (ssh). Internal traffic of the data between Lifeware’s offices and servers takes place via VPN (checkpoint 1).
Are you able to recognize hacker attacks?
Lifeware use web logs and intrusion detection systems to monitor the accesses in the system.
Do you have a transaction protocol?
Yes, Lifeware system use log files to monitor the activities in the system.
Did Lifeware’s staff sign a confidentiality declaration?
How long does it take to implement a new version of the system?
The time needed to implement a fully functional system depends on the degree of personalization. Normally the realization time is about 4 months: that means that 4 months after the beginning of the project, the customer is able to sell the first insurance policy. Details and further functionalities are implemented step by step according to the eXtreme Programming Philosophy.
What does the project team look like?
Lifeware prefers to work with a small project team where each team member is operative. The project team includes:
  • 1 Project-Manager
  • 1 Senior Mathematician
  • 1 Senior Developer
Which project prerequisites are necessary?
It is very important that the project’s goals, the products, the business processes and the documents are defined at the beginning of the project and if possible not changed.
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