FAQ: 1.3 Technical Contract Administration
Are business processes, the data model, and technical functions complete and integrated?
Yes, processes, data and functions must be complete and integrated otherwise the system is not able to work.
Is there any known functionality missing?
The service offers a lot of standard functionalities. However, special customer requirement must be implemented.
Which forms of reinsurance are implemented in the system?
Are the reinsurance certificates automatically generated by the system?
Yes, it is possible to generate the certificate automatically
Are plausibility examinations handled over a central component?
Before calculating a projection, transferring an offer into an application or putting in force a contract, the system verifies the plausibility of the introduced information.
Where and how are plausibility defined, how are they assigned to tariffs and business processes?
Rules are defined in the system at product level. The rules and the conditions not only verify that the introduced information is correct but in case of wrong information they provide the user with suggestions.
Which plausibility checks are supported?
The system worries about administrative and technical plausibility checks.
Where are the limits between business process control and the permission system?
No limits! It is possible to define plausibility checks depending on the user’s permissions.
How does the fund management take place?
Funds are administrated on contract level; the funds manager is updated daily with the necessary information (buy and sell reports).
Is it possible over a certain period to withdraw (automatically or manually) monthly amounts?
Yes, it is possible to do so automatically.
Which interest rate possibilities can be adopted in the system?
Normal interest and interest guarantees.
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