FAQ: 1.4 Offer preparation
Are business processes, data model, and technical functions complete and integrated?
Yes, process, data and functions must be complete and integrated otherwise the system cannot work.
It is possible to archive the offers? If yes, in which way?
Yes, the system automatically archives the generated offers but when the generated offers are older than 3 months they are automatically deleted. It is possible to modify this delay. An offer can be deleted anytime.
Is there an automatic transfer of offers into an application?
Yes, the services provides a mechanism to forward offers to application management by verifying that all the introduced data is correct.
Is it possible to send offers or documents via e-mail or fax without having to print the documents on paper?
Yes. The system can automatically generate a predefined content to be sent by e-mail, fax or print shops depending on the process’s task.
Is it possible to equip the offer module with additional features that make a complete service at the point of sale?
Yes, it is possible to make documentation or additional features or external links available where and when necessary.
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