FAQ: 1.7 Broker’s System and Commissions
It is possible to manage internal and external employees?
Yes, the system manages brokers and clerks. The brokers are considered external employees and the clerks are considered internal.
If yes, how are these identified unequivocally?
The identification normally happens through the user login. Users that announce themselves to the system with a specific login type will have access to a specific part of the system.
How many levels of the hierarchy can be represented in the system?
The system does not limit the number of hierarchical levels. However, hierarchical levels are very difficult to manage so we recommend using only 1 or 2 hierarchical levels.
Is it possible to switch the contract’s portfolio from a broker to another one?
Yes, this is a simple administrative mutation
Is the commission system an external tool?
No, it is not. It is possible to calculate the commissions within systembut this functionality represents a customization because the commission payment rules depend on the insurance company. The commission payments take place weekly or monthly. The data are delivered through a customer’s specific interface. Normally, the systen delivers the raw data to an external system.
Does the commission booking preparation take place automatically?
Which program interfaces (contract administration, bookkeeping, premium payment, premium collection, partner systems) are there and how are these realized?
These interfaces are not necessary because all functionality is integrated. For particular cases interfaces can be created.
Which commission models can be represented?
It is possible to represent any type and every combination of commission models. In every implementation the commission model is a customization.
Which liability levels are there and how are they managed?
The system makes use of mathematical formulas and charts. Of course human error cannot be always avoided. To reduce these errors to the lowest possible level and to guarantee future software developments, the system runs a huge number of tests.
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