FAQ: 1.9 General Questions
Is there an integrated date and note management for the business process administration?
Yes, every activity of the process can be completed inserting a comment. An automatic time stamp certifies the execution of the activity. It is also possible to enclose or to upload a scanned document to a business process task.
Does the system have a standard interface with a Document Management System?
The Document Manage System is Lifeware’s Management System itself. Lifeware’s Management System knows two ways to associate a documents to a contract or to a contract task:
  • the first way is suitable for great quantities of documents: a barcode is put on the documents. Lifeware’s Management System is able to interpret the barcode of the scanned documents. The System will automatically associate the document to the contract or contract’s task.
  • the second way is suitable for small documents’ quantities: A scanned document can be enclosed or uploaded to business process’s task.
Is it possible to freely define the layout of the documents?
Yes, the system offers the possibility to freely define and design the documents to be printed. Lifeware is able to reproduce the insurance’s corporate identity.
Is it possible to export some data to a Management Information System (MIS)?
Yes, all the interfaces with external systems are developed on customer’s requirement. However the system offers the possibility to have a good number of statistic, reports and information. The structure of the statistics and reports is personalized per customer. The information’s display is not a problem if the information and the data are present in the database.
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