Danilo Zanin
Software engineer
Zanin After the physics studies at the ETH Zurich, in 2011 Danilo started a Ph.D. at the microstructure research group at the Physics department of ETH. In 2017 he was awarded with the title of Dr. sc. ETH Zurich for his work on the secondary electrons investigation in a system, which combines the most advanced surface microscope (scanning tunneling microscope) and an electron spectrometer.

During his Ph.D. work Danilo was the person in charge of the design, development and commissioning of the instrumentation. In 2017 he joined the surface analysis section at CERN in Geneva. Within the section he was one of the reference persons for the analysis of materials using X-ray photon spectroscopy and secondary electron generation methods.

At CERN Danilo also set up a research instrument to measure secondary electron yield in presence of magnetic fields and reviewed the driving software for a series of laboratory instruments.

Danilo joined Lifeware in 2020 as a software engineer.

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