Product overview

Lifeware addresses life insurances software needs with a complete, web based software application that manages the full cycle of policies management, from the front office to the back office.

While managing the technical side of their clients' activities, Lifeware provides a workflow driven, fully customizable service specifically tailored to the customers' wishes.

Lifeware customers are European life insurance companies ready to outsource their software needs. Lifeware's unique selling proposition relies on three competitive advantages:


Lifeware offers a transparent and cost-effective policy administration, using an innovative cost model: pay-per-use. The client pays only a yearly amount for each policy administrated.
Time to market

Lifeware's solution has a very short time-to-market thanks to the flexibility of the technology and the simplicity of the browser-based access without software distribution costs and with continuous transparent software updates.

Lifeware offers a significant workflow simplification to their clients with the integration of process and document management with the software application
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