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Lifeware service

The major features of the platform

Lifeware was started in 1998 in Switzerland, when a leading group of mathematicians and computer scientists, until then at the head of Credit Suisse Life's developers' team, decided to go their own way and bring their expertise and innovative thinking about the life insurance business into their own company.

Their decision was driven by a growing awareness that the new technologies and the development of the Internet would have a dramatic impact on the future of the life insurance industry. Innovative products at lower prices, available over new distribution channels, would open whole new landscape of activities, with far-reaching consequences in the insurance business.

Development, risk analysis, policy life cycle, risk analysis, time base simulations, offer, application

We implement the best strategy for companies to reduce time to market and achieve overall cost savings. We implement time based simulation

The successful management of a policy from the point at which it is created up to when it is updated to a new version or retired. 

Is used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Say once only once

Is the practice of increasing total wealth over time by acquiring, maintaining, and trading investments that have the potential to grow in value

All your transactions in one place easier to manage

All the reports you might need just a few clicks away

Every information you might need just a few clicks away

Document, asset, payment traffic, reporting, finance and accounting, compliance and legal, regulatory and tax reporting.

Our unparalleled know how, will keep you updated on the latest legal requirements

Years of experience have built an extensive know how that can keep our customer updated

Lifeware solution has been delivered in 7 languages so far and with the support of multiple currencies and multi mandate

Claims for compensation, reparation, restitution or any other remedy for financial loss or breach of contractual obligation.

Know Your Client and Anti money laundering compliance

From your channels and platforms in Lifeware system

Insurance underwriting is the way an insurance company assesses the risk and profitability of offering a policy to someone.

All reports you might need for yourself or your clients.

The connection between two or more applications via their APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow systems to exchange data sources.

AI-driven operating system powering enterprise data.

— Proceedings

Operational risks


We import our customers legacy systems in Lifeware


Scalable, secure , redundant infrastructure

Always up date

Ongoing maintenance & support, weekly releases, always up date

SOC 1 Type II

Lifeware provides assurance to its customer that Lifeware has adequate internal controls

Only once

Say once only once, integrated services that caters for all functionalities


Pay per use: pricing model that adapts to customer performance


Big reduction of operational costs through automation

Tailor made

A service built to serve your unique needs. Standard solutions cannot possibly satisfy customers’ needs.

Centric service

Real customer centric service


Small customer base, homeopathic growth

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