Insurance, broker, clerk and end user

we've got it covered!

For life insurance managers
All sorts of reporting and data extraction for the management and control of the life insurance can be provided. Data can be reported both online and by downloading to the most typical supports like Microsoft Excel files or the widely standard XML format. MIS, ALM, sales and account reporting can be extracted just by accessing the application and click a couple of links. Portfolios can be monitored as brokers’ effectiveness can. Single and periodic premiums can be paid along with on the spot premiums. Surcharges and indemnity are taken into account. Products can be assigned granularly to efficiently manage your sales force

For brokers
Life’s easier for insurance brokers with the integrated customer relationship manager, per customer access to the document management system, full featured status overview per product, structured search. Add to that the commission management system, regular correspondence always available at the brokers’ fingertips and the possibility to download the information about ongoing contracts: Lifeware solution has brokers covered.

For clerks
Lots of effort have been and will be devoted at simplifying and optimizing the clerks’ experiences, very often the front line to the end customers. Not only most features available for brokers and end customers are available for clerks but some special user interface widgets and functionalities like visual remainders, text clouds, extended search mechanisms have been deployed to help out the day to day business for people that have to deal with  a potentially very large number of customers and documentation.

For the end customer
Should our customer be wishing to open access to their end customers the dashboard provided would include always up-to-date and updatable contract and personal information, the personal document archive, structured beneficiaries management and cash flow summaries.

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